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How do I track my order?
Once you receive the Confirmation or Status Update email from us, you will have to navigate to the link for the Order Status page. There you will be able to see a Track Shipment link which will lead you directly to a live shipment tracking page. If you have not received a Confirmation or Status Update email please email us at
I’m having a problem ordering from your website. Who do I contact? Back to Top
Feel free to email us at See our Contact Us page for further information.
What is your returns policy? Click here to see our Returns Policy
I live in California, why do I have to pay sales tax? Back to Top
So Brazil, Inc. is a California based corporation. State tax regulations require that we collect sales tax on shipping and handling where applicable, and in this case, for all sales to California residents. All sales taxes that are collected are paid to the state where the tax is collected and merchandise has been shipped. There is a lot of legislation out there to change how sales taxes are applied abroad for Internet based sales. However, until there is a change, this is our policy.
Why do I have to pay sales tax on shipping and handling?
Back to Top
State tax regulations require that we collect sales tax on shipping and handling where applicable. All sales taxes that are collected are paid to the state where the tax is collected and merchandise has been shipped.
What forms of payment do you accept? Back to Top
For your convenience we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.
Is my credit card information secure?Back to Top
To protect our customers our e-commerce service is provided by Yahoo!, one of most trusted names on the Internet and a leading provider of e-commerce services.
How can I unsubscribe from snail mail from So Brazil Clothing? Back to Top
Please send an email to Your request may take up to 7 days for your address to be removed from our mailing list. Please note, however, that you will still be asked to provide your email address when ordering online so that we may contact you with information about your order.
How do I change or cancel my order? Back to Top
We will accommodate cancellation or changing your order if the order has not been packed for shipping (typically by 5pm on the same day order is placed or once you receive a confirmation email that your order has shipped). If you would like to make a change, please email us at Please have your confirmation number available.
Will I receive an order confirmation? Back to Top
You will receive an order confirmation from if you included your email address while placing your order. Please be sure to enter your email address correctly to ensure you receive your order confirmation.
How do I unsubscribe from your email list? Back to Top
To unsubscribe from our emailing list, click Unsubscribe at the bottom of our emailer and we will kindly remove you from our list. You may also send an email to Please allow 5-7 business days for your name to be removed.
Is a secure site? Back to Top
Only when you place an order with will we collect information about you such as your address, telephone number, email address and credit card information. We use the most advanced and safest 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all of your personal data during transmission over the Internet. This is to ensure that the information you shared with us on our website is safe and protected. Your submitted information is safely isolated from unauthorized internet access. SSL technology protects the security of your credit card information as it is transmitted to us. SSL is the gold standard in Internet encryption technology. In addition, we employ Internet fraud screening to protect against fraudulent use of credit cards. See our Privacy Policy page for further information.
Why Can't I find my size or color in your drop-down menus? Back to Top
We list all available styles and colors on each product page. If it is not listed then that style, size, or color is sold out. Join our email list and we will inform you of new arrivals and other special events.
What if I have a special request? Back to Top
Send us an email to with your request and we will see if we can accommodate your needs. No promises but sometimes we have been able to make exceptions to our stock items. You may see some of our exceptions on some of our professional models around the world!
Why don't you offer swim wear separates? Back to Top
We currently do not offer separates for most of our lines, however, we do offer a few. We anticipate offering more in the future.
If I am between sizes, what should I do? Back to Top
Brazilian lines typically run smaller than US clothing. In our experience going a size higher is recommended. Keep in mind the Brazilian cut bottoms in our swim wear line is much smaller than the fuller cut “American” bottom but will enhance your derriere better than when trying to cover it up with more fabric.
How should I care for my swim wear? Back to Top
We recommend hand washing all swim wear with a mild detergent. For delicate hand-crocheted items, you may want to take it to your favorite cleaners for professional care. Be especially careful with appliqués and embroidery when washing. Never use bleach or harsh detergents. We do not recommend washing in washing machines and never dry in a dryer!
When will you start offering other products? Back to Top
We order all of our products from Brazil and therefore have to follow their production schedules. Rest assure as soon as we receive new products we will make them available on We only work with select manufacturers to bring you the best Brazil has to offer. If you know of a product we do not offer let us know by emailing us at
Do you have a catalogue of your products? Back to Top
No, at this time we do not produce a consumer catalogue.
What are the fabrics used in your products? Back to Top
SPANDEX or elastane (elastano) is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber, its major non-synthetic competitor. Spandex is a generic name for the synthetic material invented by DuPont in 1959. Around the world, it is referred to as elastane. The most famous brand name associated with Spandex is Lycra® which is made by Invista (formerly part of DuPont).

Lycra® is an elastic, synthetic fiber that adds strength and “give” to fabrics. Always used in combination with one or more other fibers, as little as 2% Lycra® improves the comfort, freedom of movement, shape and wrinkle resistance. It has a long-term resistance to body acids.

Polyamide is a polymer that can occur both naturally (wool and silk) and be made artificially such as in the case of Nylons, Aramids, and sodium poly(aspartate). Polyamide provides an infinite amount of creative textile applications and offers all the qualities of comfort, aesthetics, durability and functionality while being flexible enough to meet the most varying requisites dictated by consumers. Our Polyamide provides UV protection from Purple and UV-B rays, dimensional stability, preventing shrinking. It has great memory, and will tend to reshape following movement. It is easy to care for and dries quickly.

Polyester is the most widely used man-made fiber in the world second only to cotton. Polyester exhibits advantages over natural fabrics including improved wrinkle resistance, strenght, and resistance to abrasion. Polyester fibers are often spun together with natural fibers such as cotton, to produce a cloth with blended properties.

Supplex® found in our fitness wear is typically 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex® manufactured by Santa Constancia. Our Supplex® is known to be the best in Brazil! Supplex® is a very functional and high-tech product, developed originally by the Santa Constancia in the 1980s. It is engineered to provide the soft, supple touch of cotton with the strength, durability and performance advantages of nylon. It is flexible, lightweight and softer than standard nylon fabrics; and does not shrink, wrinkle, or fade. It resists abrasions, punctures, and tears; and is fast-drying, breathable and odor, wind, and water resistant. And best of all it is washable and does not require ironing!

Mesh found in our fitness wear is typically 78% Polyester and 22% Spandex® to provide better comfort. The cloth fabric is very versatile yet gentle and soft. It dries quickly, will not wrinkle and is easy to take care of. Developed for athletic woman on the move, it allows the body to breathe preventing the accumulation of sweat and offers the maximum in comfort and performance.

Cotton is a soft natural fiber obtained from the seedpod of the cotton plant and is one of the major fashion fibers in the textile industry due to its versatility.

Denim is a well known basic cotton or twill fabric generally dyed blue with a white filling, sometimes mixed with Lycra® for comfort. Denim is versatile and durable.

Supplex® Alto Relevo found in our fitness wear is typically 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex®. It is the same as our Supplex® except it has raised patterns such as floral images.

Satin found in our fitness wear is typically 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex®. Satin is a luxurious cloth highly recommended by tailors for its class and the beautiful way it hangs and falls. It is all about style! A satin-woven fabric tends to have a gorgeous luster due to the high number of "floats" on the fabric. Floats are "missed" interlacing, where the warp yarn lies on top of the weft yarn, or vice versa. The floats tend to make the fabric look glossier as well as give it that smooth feel.

Taffetá found in our fitness wear is typically 100% Polyamide and is manufactured by Santa Constancia. It is a plain weave, ultra light, lustrous medium weight fabric with a slightly ribbed appearance. Taffetá technology provides thermal comfort. It allows for quick transfer of heat and moisture. Taffetá rates well in terms of "pack ability" – being easy to press into a small space like a gym bag, and "easy-care" – being easy to wash and quick to dry. Aside from these great benefits, Taffetá does not need to be ironed letting you get to gym faster and looking great! It has the appearance of fashion with a subtle brilliance and a lightly "crushed" finish.

Ribana with Supplex® found in our fitness wear is typically 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex® and is manufactured by Santa Constância. Ribana is characterized by having a slight ridge effect in one direction. This provides for a higher degree of stretching and elasticity. This way, the fabric molds to and accompanies the movements of the body. The addition of Supplex® provides still more advantages, such as thermal comfort, ideal in the practice of sports. It is also quick to dry making it ideal for workouts.

Radiant Lycra® found in our fitness wear is typically 84% Polyamide and 16% Spandex®. Similar to other Lycra®, it offers added comfort, fit, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement. This is achieved by the unique properties of its fiber, which can be stretched up to seven times its initial length before springing back to the original position once tension is released. Radiant Lycra® is characterized by its luxurious sheen making it look great on any form.

Radiosa Light Smart found in our fitness wear is 95% Polyamide and 5% Spandex® and is manufactured by Santa Constancia. This wonderful radiant mesh has a natural touch and is slightly elastic in nature. Consisting of natural fibers, it is both viscose and delicate. Radiosa Light Smart is made with Polyamide Amni® and Lycra®. It is balanced with elasticity and thermal comfort allowing quick transfer of heat/cold and moisture from the body by absorbing, storing, and releasing heat or cold into the air. It is soft to the touch, visually fashionable and characterized as “easy-care." It washes easy, dries quick, and does not require ironing allowing you more time in the gym!

Moletim found in our fitness wear is 97.5% Viscose and 2.5% Elastane. Moletim is composed of fiber spun in viscose making it an ecological mesh. The bamboo used is a sustainable raw material, which is replenished in nature thus not impacting the environment.

Light Workout found in our fitness wear is 95% Polyamide and 5% Spandex® and is manufactory by Santa Constancia. A super-light, intelligent, functional and high-tech cloth, Light Workout is built with polyamide Air-jet Supplex® and Lycra®. The result is a natural appearance of cotton and polyester providing faster drying speed than products made with from other fibers. The principal attribute of Light Workout is thermal comfort (quick transfer of heat and moisture away from the body through the fabric and into the air. Its lightness and extra soft feel gives it an appearance of second-skin. It washes easy, dries quick, and does not require ironing.

Viscose is a term applied to rayon fiber made by the process of using a cellulose xanthate solution.
How can I become a So Brazil Clothing fit model? Back to Top
We are always looking for that perfect look. If you feel you have the look we are looking for, please send the following photos and information for our consideration. IMPORTANT: You MUST submit all of the required photos and information to be considered. Send your submission of the following to
  • Head shot
  • Full frontal shot in swimwear
  • Full back shot in swimwear
  • Complete statistics:
       Body measurements
       Dress Size
       Shoe size
       Natural hair and eye color
  • Contact information (phone number, email, agency (not required), etc.)
  • Experience

You do not have to have an agency and professional experience, however, experience is a plus. Photo submissions do not have to be professional but need to be large enough and clear enough to evaluate. Full frontal and full back shots should be standing fully facing the camera and not at an angle, sitting, or bending. To be one of our fit models we need to see you as you would appear in one of our Brazilian cut bikinis. You may submit as many photos as you feel are necessary for us to evaluate you, however, you must submit a head shot, full frontal, and full back shot at a minimum to Thank you and good luck!

Why don't you provide us your phone number? Back to Top
Well, actually, we no longer have one! This is one of the ways we are able to offer such competitive prices on our imported products, because we don't maintain a call center. Rather, we have moved to online customer service for all orders. After you’ve placed your order, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with your order details. We think you’ll find this system to your satisfaction.

We accept several forms of payments!
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